A decent home for all

The Multi Element is an extremely flexible element that can be used in any type of construction: for luxury villas, residential blocks, hospitals or high-rise buildings. However, since we can produce Multi Element in very high production volumes at low cost, our prime target is “Affordable Housing”. Most of us are perhaps unaware that there is a huge global housing crisis. The global need for affordable housing is estimated to approx. 55 mill homes per year – every year – to 2025, or more than 150.000 house units every day.

We are extremely confident that our Multi Element is superior to comparable products on the market, but that our industrial approach and record-breaking, express delivery is perfectly matched to the Global market.


«In my opinion it is a human right to have a decent home. For many this is just a dream. When I started to develop the Multi Element, it became my life goal to materialize that dream.»

– Kent Dyreng, Ph.D. Industrial Innovator


With the Multi Element Building concept, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.  The Multi Element is unique in both its design, in its quality and its excellent properties. Indeed, the whole manufacturing method of the Multi Element is also remarkable and raises the standard of responsible, environmentally friendly factory production.

Multi Element Industries, as an organization, is committed to the UN’s sustainability goals and the three dimensions of sustainable development; climate and environment, economy and social conditions. These are guiding principles for our vision as a company.

Climate change is one of the most important environmental issues and concerns facing the modern society. In order to address the causes of climate change, governments around the world have agreed on targets for the reduction of harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

With MULTI ELEMENT we have a long history in reducing the average carbon footprint of our product and buildings. With the primary focus on sustainability, our work is a major contribution to meeting the global climate target.


Our mission is to be the leading manufacturer of pre-fabricated elements by 2025