Why MULTI ELEMENT can produce
so clean and responsable?

100% recyclable materials

Received from Pre-cut to recycled and used in new production. Not 99 percent. But 100 percent. We have some of the cleanest production system in the world.

No waste

All the materials in every element are fully recyclable. Our production philosophy is fully «cradle to cradle». All waste will be recycled and reused in production.

The cleanest production system in the world

We have some of the cleanest production system in the world. 100 percent recycling of production waste. Multi Element is constructed by sustainable materials with low energy requirements,. The production has a very low carbon footprint.

No gas or toxins

The production is healthy as it takes place without gas and dust emissions.


The best insulation on current market

Multi Element offers one of the best insulation in the market for both high and low temperatures. It is the most cost-effective and fastest way to build affordable energy-efficient and environmentally friendly homes and buildings.

Low carbon footprint

Multi Element’s production has a very low carbon footprint. Construction has to be sustainable and it is important to develop and supply low-carbon products which both improve the environmental performance of a project and reduce your client’s carbon footprint.

Use of natural resources

With our complete production process, we utilize both local and national natural resources.

Efficient and economical transport

Shipping by sea, rail or truck. All transport is optimized for efficient and economical transport. Multi Element’s outer dimensions are adapted to all load carriers in both length and width. This optimizes transport 100%, which in turn produces low CO2 emissions and much lower transport costs.

Deliver directly or indirectly all of the UN sustainable development goals

Multi Element Industries, as an organization, is committed to the UN’s sustainability goals and the three dimensions of sustainable development; Climate and environment, economy and social conditions.

These are guiding principle for our vision as a company.

Multi Element Sustainability Policy


UN’s sustainability goals is the world’s joint work plan to eradicate poverty, combat inequality and end climate change within 2030.

Multi Element Industries actively and progressively integrates the sustainability goals in our daily practice, and demonstrate our commitment to build a sustainable future.

The following points exemplifies how Multi Element Industries work with solutions directly congruent to UNs sustainability goals:

Good health and well-being

Multi Element buildings are the most healthy and environmentally friendly in today’s market. Our buildings ensure good health and well-being to all.

– The materials we use do not emit any toxic fumes (gas) or dust
– The insulation quality ensures an even temperature in all climates and offers a significant reduction in heating and cooling costs
– The temperature stability also reduce human health damages from frost and/or high temperatures
– Sound insulation protects residents from harmful noise
– High moisture resistance protects against fungi and toxic spores

Affordable and clean energy

Energy is the biggest contributor to climate change, through CO² emissions and other greenhouse gases. Our building element and our buildings are designed according to the Cradle to Cradle principle. By applying these to the whole manufacturing process, we are able to reduce the overall production cost. Due to the high-quality insulation properties of our Multi Element, the need for energy use in heating and cooling is greatly reduced.

Cradle-to-Cradle principle

One of the criteria of Cradle to Cradle is that the components of an industrial product either must be disassembled as an organic ingredient back to the soil, and thus be part of a natural ecological process – or recycled back into a new industrial product.
In Multi Element Industries, we apply these principles both in our object design, in our production planning, and in our zero-waste manufacturing process.
The Cradle to Cradle-concept which is the foundation of Multi Element production philosophy is inspired by the Norwegian Eco-philosopher, Arne Næss who developed the modern Deep Ecology-concept.
More information about Deep Ecology here:

Decent work and economic growth

In Multi Element Industries, our approach is holistic and we believe that decent work is the key to a worthwhile life. We strive to meet the UN’s sustainability goals and create decent and sustainable jobs throughout our ecosystem. Our employment strategy is systematic, well-structured and long term: We see all people as equal and are particularly mindful of workforce diversity. Youth education and employment is our main focus.

We contribute to economic productivity by introducing our innovative and high-tech production system. Because our Rapid Assembly Concept allows us to create buildings extremely fast – there will be a high demand for competent staff for both unskilled and skilled labour, of both genders. Equal pay for equal work is a matter of course. On a global scale, we will offer thousands of attractive and sustainable jobs, in connection with every manufacturing plant.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Multi Element Industries industrialize the construction industry – in a sustainable, innovative and inclusive way.

Sustainable cities and communities

Multi Element Industries’ core vision is “A Decent Home for all”. Affordable housing is our main target. We build attractive, high-quality homes and buildings for all economies, both in developing and industrialized countries.

Responsible consumption and production

Our products contain only 100% recyclable natural resources according to the principle of sustainable management and efficient use. In our production, we do not use harmful chemicals. Our production method is 100% waste-free according to the Cradle-to-Cradle principle. We apply sustainable working methods and integrate sustainability information into all our reporting routines.

Climate action

We facilitate renewable energy in all our buildings, especially solar panels. The high quality insulation in our elements reduces the need for heating and cooling considerably. Our entire Cradle-to-Cradle production system counteracts, adjusts and reduces the impact of climate change.

Life on land

Multi Element Industries promotes the implementation of sustainable forest management. We encourage the use of sustainable forestry and only use construction wood in our elements that are harvested in a sustainable manner.

Partnerships for the goals

Multi Element Industries intentionally aim to create global partnerships for sustainable development.

Multi Element Academy – Building a Better Life – Quality education

In addition to the above sustainability goals, Multi Element Industries will build the future by educating people to a better life. All our production centers include professional training academies. Graduates will be offered professional training and employment in Multi Element Group or relevant partners.