High Speed Production

revolutionary technology!

Fully automated high speed continuous production line

Manual work is slow and is characterized by a lot of waiting and inefficiency at the construction site. It is time consuming and costly. Multi Element Industries offers the world’s first fully automated production system for house and buildings. Till today there is nothing like it. In fact, we believe that Multi Element will revolutionize the building industry. The profit gain is an extremely efficient and optimal utilization of resources and machinery.

Fully automatic pre-cut lines

The Multi Element pre-cut element is the Master Elements that has been pre-cut to building kits to the right element size and with space for windows and doors to fit exactly according to the specifications of the architect. Pre-cut lines are a separate production line. The high precision tooling is critically important to our concept that every part must fit perfectly. Every time. That’s why we talk about «Zero error tolerance» in our building kits. After the pre-cut process, a complete building kit of pre-cut elements are transported to the construction site for assembly. The pre-cut lines are equipped with a part of the recycling equipment. All cut off, cuts to flakes and collected in a large tank to be sent over to our recirculation plant.

Fully automatic packing and loading system

Fully automated packing and loading system of Master and Pre-cut Elements, load a 40ft. container in about 3 min. Shipping by sea, rail or truck: all transport is optimized for efficient and economical transport. Multi Element’s outer dimensions are adapted to all load carriers in both length and width. This optimizes transport 100%, which in turn produces low CO2 emissions and much lower transport costs.

 Up to 50 times quicker production

Multi Element Master elements are produced in a high speed continuous production line – the only one of its kind in the world. The Pre-cut elements are made of master elements and are produced in a separate production line. The new production process is 100% automated, including packing and loading of elements and up to 50 times quicker than ordinary prefab house production lines.


Loading a 40 ft container in 3 minutes

The production of Multi Element components is incredibly quick. But the Multi Element production center keeps the speed until all construction parts will leave the factory. A 40 feet container is loaded in just 3 min. And the low weight of Multi Element components simplifies both: loading and transport. It is the lightest construction element on the current market, transport weight 30-50 KG / m2 (8-11 lbs / sq ft).

Full control from the architect

Multi Element offer full architectural freedom for any design of choice. It is suitable for any type of building and any economy. And the final result is environment-friendly buildings of the highest quality to affordable price!

Low human errors

House building is still not industrialized. Most houses are still measured and built manually! But manual work is slow and is characterized by a lot of waiting and inefficiency at the construction site. Everyone who has ever built a house, knows that something always goes wrong. And usually that wrong is very costly to put right. Multi Element is the solution on reduction of manual work that leads to a reduction of human errors and a reduction of unnecessary expense.

Individual CAD software

In the Multi Element Pre-cut line all elements are adjusted in relation to the construction drawings and interior design. The entire process is controlled by our unique Multi CAD program.