Affordable price

Why MULTI ELEMENT can produce
so affordable?

Affordable building elements

Compared with other available construction methods, Multi Element is a very strong and lightweight alternative. And it has several high-tech features: noise reduction up to 65 dB, wind resistance up to Category 5, high moisture resistance, very high impact strength and high fire resistance. But it is the fully automated production that makes it possible to produce Multi Element components for an incredible price.

Adapted for every kind of transportation

Shipping by sea, rail or truck. All transport is optimized for efficient and economical transport. Multi Element’s outer dimensions are adapted to all load carriers in both length and width. This optimises transport 100%, which in turn produces low CO2 emissions and much lower transport costs.

 At the same time, the same dimensions are adapted to the standard construction of all buildings.

Lighter than competitor elements

The Multi Element Master piece consists of three main components: Gypsum fibre boards, Polyisocyanurate (PIR) and wood. It weighs between 30-50 kg / m2 (8-11 lbs / Sq. ft.) depending on the thickness of the panel. The low product weight will not only reduce the transportation costs, it also provides quick loading and uploading of trucks and easy construction on the site with less manpower.

90% shorter building time

Multi Element is one of the fastest and best quality building system in the world. While traditional house building needs about one year to be done, a Multi Element house shell is built in 3 hours while a complete Multi Element house with electricity, floors and kitchen needs at most 1 month to be ready to move in.

Finished house has larger living space

Multi Element houses and buildings have thinner walls along with best insulation on the current market. And thinner walls enable at the end of about 9% more living space. And more square foot means to have more space to sell or rent.

Affordable houses for everyone

US Homeownership fell to its lowest level and single-family house prices are drifting beyond the reach of the middle class. Once, the American poet Walt Whitman said “A man is not a whole and complete man unless he owns a house and the ground it stands on”. Making affordable housing opportunities more accessible to people is core to our mission.  With our affordable fabrication and fast construction time, we can provide one of the highest quality housing system on the market, at an extremely competitive cost.

Attractive franchise system

Our know-how, your benefit! We have the concept, the know-how, the people and a fantastic, innovative product – the Multi Element! Multi Element plan to manufacture and sell as a complete franchise package continuous production lines for the Multi Element Master and Pre-cut lines with associated technology and expertise, as well as the Multi Element recycling plants for 100% recycling.

50 years lifetime warranty

We create houses and buildings for endurance. Multi Element provides their customers with the best guarantee in the building industry: a 50 years lifetime warranty. We we stand behind our work.