Multi Element Industries – Frequently asked questions

What is the product history of Multi Element?

Multi Element was originally a building element developed in Norway. The company Multi Element AS was established in 1963 and later moved to a factory in Svelvik, outside Drammen, Norway.

What is Multi Element’s track record (proof of concept)?

Multi Element AS had success with prefabricated building elements in both Norway, Scandinavia, Spain, USA and in other markets. Approx. 20 million Sq. meters (215,3 million Sq. ft.) was sold in total.

What is the company Multi Element AS today?

Multi Element AS is still a Norwegian company. In 2006, Dr. Kent Dyreng purchased the company, the factory and IP, with the intent to develop the existing Element design itself as a new product, and reengineer the production from discontinuous to continuous production line.

How is the “new” Multi Element different?

The new product Multi Element (that we still call “Multi Element”) has been improved through many iterations and determined value engineering into the world’s first continuously produced industrialized building element. More than anything, the research team has succeeded in creating a high-speed fully continuous and automated production – with a dramatic increase in production volume: a single line can now produce 10 million. Sq. meters (107,6 million Sq. ft.) per year. Additionally, the many improvements are mainly: the superior insulation quality, sound-reduction, fire- resistance, moisture resistance and much more. Innovative industrial solutions which are unique to Multi Element as trade secrets, covers both the new product design, the automation processes, the advanced recycling systems, and our Rapid Assembly Concept, to name a few.

The new element is self-bearing up to four-storey buildings. The new Multi Element can be used for all types of buildings, and any type of house. The element measures roughly 20’ high and 8’ wide (or 600 cm x 240 cm wide).

Why is Multi Element different, and better?

Multi Element is today the most innovative and environmentally friendly building element in the world. All materials are 100% recyclable. It allows for full architectural freedom and offers a record breaking on-site construction time!

Multi Element industrialized?

Yes, the Multi Element is a true Game changer. The Elements are prefabricated with extraordinary precision in a high speed continuous industrial process. There is no room for human error or measuring mistakes. The production is fully automated and 100% waste free. All cuttings are recycled. Every step of the way, from handling the raw materials to the final assembly, is a comprehensive, congruent solution. Years of patient value engineering has paid off: Multi Element is today the most innovative and environmentally friendly building concept in the world. It allows for full architectural freedom and a record breaking on-site construction time.

What is a MASTER Element?

A Master element is a single building element produced in the Master Factory. A Master Element is – the standard element – designed as a multipurpose element, equally suitable for floors, walls or roofs.

What is a Pre-cut Element?

A Master element is shipped to a Pre-cut factory – and cut into different Pre-cut elements that together creates a building kit ready for construction.

Ok, this sounds good but...what’s the point of all this?

The great advantage of using prefabricated components like Multi Element, is a revolutionary increase in productivity: a 100 Sq. meters. (1076 Sq. ft.) quality house takes us only three hours to build!

What is the environmental profile of Multi Element?

Multi Element is based on the Cradle-to-Cradle sustainability concept. The fabrication of Multi Element is 100% waste free. It is the most environmentally friendly design of any modern building product.

What about the product materials of Multi Element?

The materials of Multi Element is 100% recyclable.

Any warranty on Multi Elements products?

Yes, we offer a full lifetime warranty of 50 years!

What about the price - what does it cost?

The Multi Element cost is approx. 30% lower than comparable market products. Please note that when we talk about cost, we refer not only to the purchase price, but the total life cycle value of Multi Element – including the operational and maintenance cost. The high quality of Multi Element ensures that the overall cost is therefore significantly lower than comparable products.

Who is the customer?

The Multi Element is an extremely flexible element that can be used in any type of construction: for luxury villas, residential blocks, hospitals or high-rise buildings. However, since we can produce Multi Element in very high production volumes at low cost, our prime target is “Affordable Housing”. The global need for affordable housing is estimated to approx. 55 mill pr. year – every year – to 2025, or more than 150.000 house units every day. Our customers will be private developers, government institutions, or combination of such developers. Our strategy is to deliver industrial solutions for large projects, with pre-fabricated Multi Element components manufactured off-site, with record-breaking, express delivery.

What is Multi Element Industries?

Multi Element Industries is the name for the new international corporation, that we will establish as the new, global Multi Element company and brand name.

How many elements to build a house?

As an example: To build a 100 Sq. meters (1076 Sq. ft.) ready Multi Element (shell structure) house, we need approx. 350 Sq. meters (3767 Sq. ft.) of element.

What is a Shell Structure House?

A shell structure is a basic house build with Multi Elements, which has load- bearing capacity, full insulation, floors, walls and roof. To complete the building, the owner need to have installed electricity, kitchen and bathroom furniture etc.
With Multi Element we can assemble a 100 sq. meters (1076 Sq. ft.) in just three hours!